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aureus postume pas cher : retrouvez tous les produits disponibles à l'achat dans notre catégorie Numismatiqu Disposant d'un stock d'or et de deux ateliers monétaires à Trèves et à Cologne, Postumus fit frapper des pièces à son effigie, avec des devises en latin, à l'image de cet aureus (denier, équivalent à 100 sesterces) © Akg-Images / Erich Lessin With this aureus, Postumus uses militant types on both sides: the obverse features the cuirassed and helmeted bust of the emperor and the reverse shows barbarian captives at the base of a trophy (decorated with some items that are distinctly Germanic and Gallic, such as elongated shields and a war trumpet, the carnyx). Of no less interest is the reverse inscription, PM GM TP COS III PP, which. The aureus of Postumus (RIC 260) kept in the Ossolineum is an extremely valuable piece. It was acquired to the Ossoliński National Institute collection between c. 1846 and 1902, most probably from a local find from the territory of the eastern par

Postumus, 260-268. Aureus. Hill, Becker 231. Becker forgery. Uncirculated; One of the very scarce and almost impossible to find pieces of Becker he most german prolific counterfeiter of xviii centiry. Checked with the ANS; UNC and perfect; Tried to sell as a big collection of Becker medals in the Aureo and Calico auction, but nobody bid on the estimated price of 7000 euros for the 34 medals. Lyons coins have more (and curlier) hair above the brow and especially at the temples, his smile is a little more pronounced and his beard has a bit more detail. For coins struck by Aureolus in the name of Postumus (the bust has a different look), see the Aureolus page. Postumus, first emperor of the breakaway Gallic Empire, 260-269 AD Published on Aug 16, 2008 This video is a history overview of the Gallic Empire and the time of it's first emperor, Postumus, a usurper from the rule of the Roman Empire proper Aureolus, the general who was in command of Mediolanum (Milan) in Gallienus' interest, rebelled and ultimately declared for Postumus. The city of Mediolanum and its north Italian and Raetian hinterland would have been critical to Postumus if he planned to march on Rome Postumus aureus, 268, Treves, gold 7.40g.. Postumus was immediately recognized as emperor in Gaul (except perhaps for Narbonensis), the two Germanias, and Raetia. By 261, Britannia, Gallia Narbonensis and Hispania had also acknowledged him as emperor, (possibly after an expedition to Britain in the winter of 260/261).He established his capital in northern Gaul, probably at Colonia Claudia Ara.

Gold aureus with a facing portrait of Postumus 260/269. British Museum London, United Kingdom. The use of the portrait is the most persistent and usually the most striking feature of coins of the Roman Empire. Indeed, the tradition is still commonly seen today. Particularly during the first three centuries of the Empire's existence (27 BC-AD 284) we can see images of historically recorded (and. Aureus of Postumus, within a pendant. Legend: POSTVMVS PIVS AVG. Postumus assumed his fifth consulship on 1 January 269, [13] but the army in Germania Superior raised a usurper in early 269. [13] Laelianus, one of Postumus' top military leaders and the governor of Germania Superior, was declared emperor in Mogontiacum (Mainz) by the local garrison and surrounding troops (Legio XXII. POSTUMUS, POSTUME, refrappe moderne (monnaie de Paris) d'un aureus de Postume, or fin 7,58 grammes, FDC: Réf n° 9422: POSTUME Refrappe moderne (monnaie de Paris) d'un aureus de Postume or fin 7,58 grammes poinçon corne 1, 920/°° FDC Médailles en or Refrappe, aureus de Postume Aureus, aurei: VENDU: Les catégories: Monnaies grecques: République Romaine: Empire Romain: Colonies Romaines.

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24 juin 2015 - La Gazette Drouot : le magazine n°1 des ventes aux enchères. Calendrier, résultats, catalogues, visites de salles.. [Portrait de vieillard] inconnu, dit autrefois Aulus Postumius Albinus . Rome. Copie du Ier siècle av. J.-C. d'un original datable vers 100 av. J.-C. - Département des Antiquités grecques, étrusques et romaine

Postumus, AV aureus. AD 260-269. Cologne mint. 20mm, 5.75 g. POSTVMVS PIVS FELIX AVG, jugate busts left of Postumus, laureate and cuirassed, and Hercules, laureate / HERCVLI CRETENSI, Hercules wrestling the Cretan bull right. RIC V-2 272; Pinder, Berlin 967 (this coin); Cohen 114 (this coin). Text : RIC 276: Postumus AV Aureus. Cologne mint, 263-264 AD. POSTVMVS PIVS AVG, laureate head right. POSTUME, POSTUMUS, antoninien Trêves ou Cologne en 262, VIRTUS AUG, 3,98 grms, RIC.93 SUPERBE/TTB à SUPERBE belle patine! Empire Romain POSTUME, POSTUMUS, POSTUMO Antoninien, antoninianus, antoniniane Voir les photos et détails de l'article: Ajouter au panier : Réf n° 18689 : 35,00 € POSTUME, POSTUMUS, antoninien Cologne en 260, Salus Provinciarum le Rhin couché, 1,67 grms, RIC.87 TB+. POSTUME / POSTUMUS A Identifié. Prix actuel : 6.5 euro. Lot Romaine Byzantine grec Denier Sesterce Tetricus Argent Bronze à identifier. Prix actuel : 48.53 euro. Aurelianus Tacite n°E1012 . Prix actuel : 76.0 euro. 1 posters localisation des atelier monétaire de Grèce. Prix actuel : 19.5 euro. lot Antoninien Tetricus 1er, Tetricus II, Victorin Roman coin, monnaie Romaine. Prix actuel : 8. Superbe SESTERCE OU DOUBLE SESTERCE de POSTUME / POSTUMUS A Identifié. 4,50 EUR. livraison: + 8,50 EUR livraison 4 enchères . Beau sesterce - FAUSTINE MERE. 25,00 EUR. livraison: + 8,15 EUR livraison 0 enchères . Lot De 4 Pieces Antique Monnaies Romaines ? A Identifier . 13,50 EUR. livraison: + 8,00 EUR livraison 18 enchères [#891903] Monnaie, Tibère, Aureus, AD 15-18, Lyon - Lugdunum. RARE POSTUMUS AUREUS. Postumus. - 260-268 AD. Aureus, 6.35g (6h). Gaul, 263-4 AD. 260-268 AD. Obv: POSTVMVS - PIVS AVG Head laureate right. Rx: INDVLG PIA POSTVMI AVG Postumus, laureate and togate, seated left on curule chair, holding roll and extending right hand towards small figure kneeling before him. B. Schulte, Goldprägung der gallischen Kaiser, 92, pl. 7 (same dies)

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  1. M. Le Gentilhomme, associé correspondant national, présente une communication sur un aureus inédit de Pos¬ tume, serti dans une bague ; son poids est de 4 gr. 75. Au droit, l'empereur est figuré sous les traits de Mars ; au revers, il se présente à cheval, s'avançant vers la Vic¬ toire. La pièce doit se rapporter aux émissions des quin-quennalia (263). M. Le Gentilhomme commente la.
  2. Postumus. Reece Period attributed: Period 13 Member of the The Gallic Emperors dynasty.. Coins for this issuer were issued from 260 until 269. Postumus was proclaimed emperor by his forces, the Rhine legions, in 260; he captured and executed Gallienus' son Saloninus
  3. The Roman Empire Postumus, 260 - 269 Aureus, Lugdunum Autumn 263, 5.16 g. POSTVMVS - AVG Cuirassed bust l., wearing crested helmet decorated with a fast biga. Rev. P M GM TP C - OS III P P Trophy; on either side, captive seated in attitude of mourning. C 232. RIC 3. Schulte 44a and pl. 5, 44a (this coin). Calicó 3751 (this coin)
  4. Aureus with side-by-side busts of Postumus and Hercules. Roman Imperial Period about A.D. 269 Mint: Germany, Cologne. Medium/Technique Gold. Dimensions Diameter: 20 mm. Weight: 5.79 gm. Die Axis: 7. Credit Line Theodora Wilbour Fund in memory of Zoë Wilbour. Accession Number 1990.316. NOT ON VIEW . Collections The Ancient World. Classifications Numismatics - Coins. Description Obverse.

Postumus employed excellent die-cutters, and they developed a series of fine, boldly individualized portraits. This aureus celebrates the fifth anniversary of his reign in A.D. 264. Postumus, who identified himself with Hercules and who is described by his admiring biographer, Trebellius Pollio, as a dashing character, is shown with an elaborate crested helmet, his upturned nose giving him a. En décochant la case Mot exact, vous pouvez par exemple rechercher un morceau de légende dans tout le catalogue Seller states: Nachprägung einer Römische Aureus POSTUMUS CAESAR 260-269 AD Münze aus fein Gold, sicherlich alt aber keine offizielle Emission Alte Kopie? Barbarische Nachprä

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This aureus seems to have been struck in the first quarter of 262, by which time Postumus had been in power for well more than a year. The reverse records that he was celebrating the third renewal of his tribunician power and had entered his third consulship, presumably awarded on January 1, 262. Schulte's die study of Gallo-Roman gold reveals a complex and well-conceived series of issues. Postumus, 260 - 269 Aureus circa 260-269, AV 6.05 g. POSTVMVS PIVS FELIX AVG Jugate laureate heads of Postumus and Hercules r. Rev, HERCVLI ARCADIO Hercules standing r., capturing stag. C 109 (Bronze). Elmer 467. RIC 340 (denarius). Schulte 128. Calicó -. Extremely rare. Two attractive portraits of fine style and an interesting reverse type. Minor flan crack at seven oclock on reverse and. conserve un aureus sur lesquels Salonin porte le titre d'Auguste, cette série de monnaies n'a pas retenu l'attention qu'elle mérite 4 . Les monnaies de Salonin, avec le titre de César, frappées à Alexandrie, les plus récentes, portent la mention de la 8e année du règne conjoint de Valérien-Gallien, commençant le 29 août 260. La frappe des monnaies de Valérien ne dépasse pas non.

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  1. A gold aureus coin depicting Roman emperor Macrinus (r. 217-218 CE)
  2. us, monnaie Romaine, Roman coin. Prix actuel : 10.0 euro. gros lot de 219 monnaies dans leur jus de tout ROMAINES ROYAL.. Prix actuel : 19.0 euro. 6 x Romaines.
  3. ation Aureus Mint Lugdunum Obverse IMP C POSTVMVS P F AVG: Bust of Postumus, laureate, draped, cuirassed, right Reverse P M TR P COS II P P: Postumus, draped, cuirassed.

Striking of Aureolus in the name of Postumus in Milan. Antoninianus, 267/8. Rev. VIRTVS A-EQVIT Romulus to the r. From the forthcoming Jacquier Auction 42 (16.9.2016), Lot 613. Good very fine. Estimate: 500 euros. And indeed, Postumus did not only have to fight against invading tribes, but also against the Emperor Gallienus. In 266 or 267. POSTUMUS Silver Medallion. Picture added to Roman coin set to show how big this thing is.. Although its a Silver reproduction of a Postumus Gold Aureus its much larger Brilliant Mint State Postumus Aureus Postumus (Gallo-Roman Emperor, AD 260-269). AV aureus (21mm, 6.41 gm, 6h). NGC (photo-certificate) MS 5/5 - 3/5. Lugdunum, AD 262. IMP C POSTV-MVS P F AVG, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Postumus right, seen from front / MINE-R-FAVTR, Minerva advancing left, palm branch upward in right hand, spear. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu's. Postumus Treves Aureus To participate in the forum you must log in or register. Author: Replies: 5 / Views: 854 : Lucky Cuss. Pillar of the Community . United States. 4152 Posts. Posted 04/16/2017 1:50 pm In doing some background research on a Postumus antoninianus I intend to post, I came across this image: This appears in conjunction with a biography of Postumus, there purported to be an.

Postume ou Marcus Cassianus Latinius Postumus est un général gaulois qui se fit proclamer empereur en Gaule de l'été 260 à juin 269.Ces dates restent imprécises car la chronologie de cette période est difficile à établir avec certitude je le trouve joli La vache ! Tu m'étonnes !! Identifications des autres monnaie Postumus, 260-268. Ô-Aureus, 261, Colonia; 3.78 g. IMP C POSTV-MVS P F AVG Drapierte Büste r. mit Lorbeerkranz//ORIENS Sol in Quadriga l. mit erhobener Rechten und Blitz, im Abschnitt AVG. Calico 3749; Coh. -; Elmer -; RIC -; Schulte 18 A. Von größter Seltenheit. Druckstelle, sonst gutes sehr schön/vorzüglich Do you have any questions? If you have any questions or encounter any problems. Postumus 259-268. Aureus 260-268, Lyon. IMP C POSTV-MVS P F AVG Buste lauré, drapé et cuirassé de Postume à droite / NEPT C-O-MITI Neptune debout à gauche, un trident dans la main gauche, un dauphin dans la main droite, le pied droit posé sur une proue de navire. 5,90g

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Aureus of Postumus, within a pendant Postumus assumed his fifth consulship on 1 January 269, [13] but the army in Germania Superior raised a usurper in early 269. [13] Laelianus , one of Postumus' top military leaders and the governor of Germania Superior , was declared emperor in Mogontiacum by the local garrison and surrounding troops ( Legio XXII Primigenia ) GOLDMÜNZE RÖMISCHE ROMA Aureus of Postumus (260-269) 5,42gr. Gold VERY VERY RARE - EUR 2.310,00. FOR SALE! Römische GoldmünzeRoma Gold Aureus of Postumus Jahr: 260-269 Größe: 18 mm Gold: 16428613351 Postumus: | | | Postumus | | | | ||Emper... World Heritage Encyclopedia, the aggregation of the largest online encyclopedias available, and the most definitive.

Postumus was also one of the first emperors to portray himself with Hercules, AU Aureus (6.94 grams) AU Quninarius (3.04 grams) AR Antoninianus (3.50 grams) Æ Antoninianus (2.66 grams) AR Denarius (1.50 grms) Æ Denarius (1.50 grms) AR Quinarius (1.08 grms) Æ Quinarius (1.08 grms) Æ DOUBLE Sesterius (20.3 grms) Æ Sestertius (14.1 grms) Æ Dupondius Æ As. Monetary History of the World. IMP C POSTVMVS P F AVG PROVIDENTIA AVG RIC : 80 Qualité de la monnaie : TB Métal : Billon Valeur faciale : Antoninien Atelier : Trèves Année : Non Applicable Type de produit : Monnaie 3.40 gr #Numismatique #Collection #Inspiration #Histoir Postumus. Romano-Gallic Emperor, AD 260-269. Electrotype AR Aureus (22mm, 4.89 g, 4h). After dies by Carl Wilhelm Becker (1772-1830). Laureate head right / Postumus seated left, extending hand; to lower left, small figure standing right, raising hands. Cf. Hill 230/228 (for obv./rev.). Toned, light pitting. VF. Closing Date and Time: 26 August 2020 at 14:59:00 ET.</b><br><br><b>All. 2 LIBERT MARDI 4 DÉCEMBRE 2018 MONNAIES GRECQUES LUCANIE MÉTAPONTE (550-470 av. J.-C.) 1. Statère archaïque. 8,06 g. Épis de blé. Bordure circulaire perlée. R/ Même type incus. B.M.C. 9. TTB à superbe. 300 / 50 Monnaies romaines : découvrez nos pièces et monnaies de la Rome antique datant de la République, de la trétarchie, des Antonins, des Flaviens, des Julio-Claudiens ou des Sévères. Grand choix de deniers, sesterces ou solidus. Paiement sécurisé en ligne et livraison gratuite en France métropolitaine

Marcus Cassianus Latinius Postumus ou Postume est un général gaulois qui se fit proclamer empereur en Gaule de l'été 260 à juin 269. Ces dates restent imprécises car la chronologie de cette période est difficile à établir avec certitude. Marius (268-269) Marius (Marcus Aurelius Marius) règne comme empereur des Gaules, probablement de 268 à 269. Victorin (269-271) Marcus Piavonius. Coins: 8 Blue Whitman Albums With Coins+silver Certificates & 1967 Red Book Auction: 55oz Misc Silver Rounds For Sale BU Rolls Of Lincoln's Starting With 1960 P For Sale: Seated Liberty Collection Half Dollar, Dimes, Half Dimes For Sale: Lincoln Memorial Cents 1959-1981 50 Coins - $5.95 For Sale: 1854 Seated Liberty Quarter For Sale: Junk Silver Variety Lot For Sale- Lincoln Cents.! Postumus Aureus, struck AD 261 at Cologne mint. Obv: IMP C POSTVMVS P F AVG, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right. Rev: P M TR P COS P P, Lion standing left, holding thunderbolt in mouth. 4,76 g, 20 mm. Schulte die combination 25 (Obv. 18, Rev. 17), Sondermann 4.1, de Witte , Cohen , RIC , Elmer 135. S. Sondermann, Zwei neue Aurei, ein Quinar und zwei Abschl ge des Postumus, NNB 12 2010. Unpublished treasure of Aubigny-au-Bac found in 1885 (Most of them Postumus) ; fragment of a treasure found near Lesdain. Een Gallische stater te Cambrin, een aureus van Hadrianus te Atrecht, twee muntstukken van het late keizerrijk te Bourec, stukken gevonden in de XIXde eeuw in Ablain-St.-Nazaire, Lié- vin, Lens, Harnes ; de schat van Aubigny-au-Bac van 1885 die nog niet gepubliceerd is.

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Postumus, Double Sestertius, Trèves, AD 261, TTB+, Bronze, RIC:143 buste drapé, radié et cuirassé à droite la Victoire marchant à gauche, tenant une couronne de la main droite et une palme posée contre l'épaule gauche de la main gauche; à ses pieds, un captif. IMP C M CASS LATT POSTVMVS PF AVG VICTORIA AVG RIC : 169 Qualité de la monnaie : TTB Métal : Bronze Atelier : Trier Valeur. Roman Emp., Postumus, Aureus 261. Currency:CHF Category:Coins & Paper Money / Coins: Ancient Start Price:64,000.00 CHF Estimated At:80,000.00 - 100,000.00 CHF. SOLD 120,000.00 CHF to floor + (19,800.00) buyer's premium + applicable fees & taxes. This item SOLD at 2009 Oct 07 @ 15:05 UTC+2. Did you win this item? A full invoice should be emailed to the winner by the auctioneer within a day or. Aureus of Postumus‎ (10 F) Media in category Coins of Postumus The following 26 files are in this category, out of 26 total. POSTUMUS-RIC V 87-733680.jpg 325 × 143; 53 KB. Postumus Æ Dupondius 261 RIC 0198.jpg 500 × 236; 53 KB. Antoninianus of Aureolus, minted in Mediolanum in name of Postumus.jpg 800 × 349; 153 KB. Antoninien à l'effigie de Postume.jpg 1,200 × 631; 140 KB. AV. Lot 822 Postumus, 260 - 269 Aureus circa 260-269, AV 6.05 g. POSTVMVS PIVS FELIX AVG Jugate laureate heads of Postumus and Hercules r. Rev, HERCVLI ARCADIO Price realized 8'500 CHF. Save to watch list . View Lot 823. This medallion, a bronze off-metal strike from a die, which was made for a quadruple aureus in the end of 276 / the beginning of 268, is dedicated to the fight against the Cretan Bull. ((10.

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Postumus and the Three Suns: Neglected Numismatic Evidence for a Solar Halo DAVID WOODS [PLATE 6] 1 Postumus rebelled against the emperor Gallienus in late 260, and ruled a break-away 'Gallic empire' until his own troops murdered him in 269.2 His coinage included an aureus of unique reverse type whose production has been dated to the autumn o Postumus AE Offstrike from Aureus dies, struck AD 261 at Cologne mint. Obv: IMP C POSTVMVS P F AVG, laureuate, draped and cuirassed bust right. Rev: VICTORIA AVG, Victory in Biga advancing right, holding whip in right hand. 4,14 g, 20 mm. Schulte die-combination 14, RIC 42, de Witte (303), Elmer 171. Dark toning. Extremely rare, the first offstrike from this die-combination / reverse type.

Postumus aureus, 268, Treves, gold 7.40g. Postumus was immediately recognized as emperor in Gaul (except for Narbonensis), [4] the two Germanias, [9] and Raetia. [6] By 261, Britannia and Hispania had also acknowledged him as emperor. [9] He established his capital at Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium [9] and then proceeded to set up as much of the traditional Roman legislative and executive. Un aureus confirme que Postume entama une dixième année de règne : un revers de monnaie de Postume [13] Postumus (été 260-269) Lélien (juin/juillet 268) Marius (269) Victorinus (269-271) Domitianus (271) Tetricus I er (271-printemps 274) Annexes Bibliographie Auteurs antiques. Histoire Auguste, traduction et commentaires d'André Chastagnol, éditions Robert Laffont, collection. Marcus Aurelius (161-180), Marcus Aurelius (161-180) monnaie Laelianus a oa un alouber roman a enebas ouzh Postumus.. En em embann impalaer a reas Laelianus e Mainz e miz c'hwevrer pe e miz meurzh 268. Nebeut traoù a anavezer diwar-benn e vuehz kent e emsavadenn met krediñ a reer e oa unan eus jeneraled Postumus, marteze al legatus eus Germania Superior pe kpennlu al Legio XXII Primigenia.Un arvar bras a oa-eñv evit Postumus abalamour an div lejion a.

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  1. Aureus Lyon - Lugdunum, Aureus Lyon - Lugdunum monnaies. Le centre commercial virtuel pour monnaies, billets et médaille
  2. ue aussi. Entre 230 et 260, l'aureus perd 60% de sa valeur intrinsèque. Les monnaies d'or ne circule plus que dans les mains des hauts fonctionnaires et des cadres supérieurs de l'armée. On en frappe encore pour les échanges aussi. La catastrophe date d'Aurélien et de Gallien (253-265) avec la réduction.
  3. Le monétaire doit être identifié avec Caius Postumus, accusateur de Murena et qui devait devenir légat en 62 avant J.-C. M. Crawford a relevé une estimation de 192 coins de droit et de 213 coins de revers pour deux variétés. 1/ Variété du denier Postumia avec la légende au revers: « POSTVMI / (TA) » RRC 394/1a : [Montrer sous forme de diaporama] 1 2 2/ Variété du denier Postumia.
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  5. Marcus Cassianus Latinius Postumus ou Postume est un général gaulois qui se fit proclamer empereur en Gaule de l'été 260 à juin 269. Nouveau!!: Aureus et Postume · Voir plus » Prince de la jeunesse. Le Prince de la jeunesse, en latin princeps juventutis, est un titre qui était donné, dans l'empire romain, au fils de l'empereur au moment où il prenait la toge virile et entrait dans.

Unfortunately, this collectible item is no longer available ! Ask us to find it for you : Coin Titus Aureus 73 AD Roma AU(55-58) Gold RIC:557. Questions? Call us on +1 844-221-682 Description : Ancient Roman Imperial Gold Postumus Aureus Usurper in Gaul Brass Postumus Sestertius Double Sestertius: Double Sestertius Obv: IMPCPOSTVMVSPIVSFAVG - Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right. Rev: LAETITIA Exe: AVG - Galley right. Authenticity: Forgery - Modern; Category : Ancient Roman Imperial - Coins: Series Date: 260 AD - 269 AD : Category Details: Source: Category : Ancient. Postumus. Gold Roman coin (aureus). 260s CE. Coin Worth Gold And Silver Coins Gems And Minerals Artemis Roman Empire Seals Fossils Africa Antiques Gold And Silver Coins Gems And Minerals Artemis Roman Empire Seals Fossils Africa Antique

Roman Imperial gold aureus of Postumus (AD 259-68). References: Hunterian Museum [website] Robertson, A.S.R. Roman Imperial Coins in the Hunter Coin Cabinet; Volume IV Valerian I to Allectus, p.87, Postumus 8, plate 23.8 Glasgow: 197 Postumus. Romano-Gallic Emperor, AD 260-269. AV Aureus (21mm, 5.61 g, 6h). Treveri (Trier) mint. Struck AD 262. IMP C POST-VMVS P F AVG, laureate and draped bust right / P M TR P III COS III P P, Postumus, togate, standing left, sacrificing over altar from patera with right hand, holding scepter in left. RIC V 4; Schulte Group 5, 39 (Av22/Rv26); Sondermann 5.9 (this coin); Elmer 303; Calicó. 602658: Aureus des Postumus Stuttgart, Sammlung Götz Grabert. Available images: 1. Repro. General Information on the Object Presently located: Stuttgart, Deutschland, DE, Sammlung Götz Grabert - Location information is Aufbewahrungsort - Place in the Gazetteer. Category/Cultural Era/Function: Münze. Belonging to monument: nein. Cultural era: römisch. Vorderseite einer Münze des Postumus. Detailed information about the coin Aureus, Domitianus (GERMANICVS COS XVI), Roman Empire, with pictures and collection and swap management : mintage, descriptions, metal, weight, size, value and other numismatic dat

Agrippa Postumus was the youngest son of Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa and Julia the Elder, the daughter and only biological child of the Roman Emperor Augustus.Augustus initially considered Postumus as a potential successor and formally adopted him as his heir.. In AD 6, an uprising began in the Roman province of Illyricum.Augustus sent Tiberius to crush the revolt with his army, and after a year. Marcus Cassianius Latinius Postumus was a Roman commander of provincial origin who ruled as emperor in the west. The Roman army in Gaul threw off its allegiance to Gallienus around the year 260, and Postumus assumed the title and powers of emperor in the provinces of Gaul, Germania, Britannia and Hispania, thereby founding what scholars have dubbed the Gallic Empire. He ruled for the better. Directeur de la publication:HONORAT Franck; 565 Chemin du Barry 13770 Venelles FRANC : La chronique des arts et de la curiosité; Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg (ub@ub.uni-heidelberg.de

May 8, 2013 - There are a lot of ways on how you can become a model. Especially today, the internet has opened up new doors on how to be one. One kind of modeling that's Aureus 2-1 v.Chr. good very fine, slightly waved; pressure mark on r Augustus, 27 BC-14 AD, Gold, 7,75 g 8,036.18 US$ + 11.82 US$ shipping Delivery: 8 - 12 day Click Here for Items Related To - Postumus. Year of the Six Emperors (238) Gordian Revolt (238) Aquileia (238) Reign of Pupienus and Balbinus (238) Invasion of the Carpi (238-239) Reign of Gordian III (238-244) Sabinianus Revolt (240) Resaena (243) Misiche (244) Reign of Philip the Arab (244-249) Invasion of the Carpi (245-247) Secular Games of 248 (248) Usurpation of Sponsianus (240s.

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POSTUMUS COINS. M. Cassianus Latinius Postumus, stands second in the list of the so-called thirty tyrants. Being nominated by Valerian governor of Gaul, he assumed the title of Emperor in A.D. 258, while Valerian was prosecuting his campaign agains the Persians. After reigning nearly ten years, he was slain by his soldiers in 267, and Laelianus proclaimed Emperor in his stead Nero, Aureus, Rome, 63-64 AD, AU(50-53), Gold, RIC:42 bare head right Roma standing right, inscribing shield held on knee, foot on helmet, EX SC at sides NERO CAESAR AVG IMP PONTIF MAX TR P X COS IIII P P A very rare exemplar, well-struck, with attractive portrait of the emperor in high relief, covered with a nice ancient patina RIC : 42 Coin condition : AU(50-53) Composition : Gold Diameter. However, traditional aureus strikes are known to exist in off-metal strikes, such as this bronze. This specimen has a thick black patina that is hiding fine detail and has been chipped and worn off at the high spots. This type, listed in J.De Witte's book on the coins of the Gallic Empire [#35], shows Postumus and Hercules on the obverse and Felicitas and Victory on the reverse. B. Schulte. Laelianus represented a strong danger to Postumus because of the two legions he commanded; Despite this, his rebellion lasted only about two months before he was executed, reputedly by his own soldiers, or by Postumus' troops after a siege of Laelianus' capital. The siege of Moguntiacum was also fatal for Postumus; it is said he was slain when he refused to allow his troops to plunder the city. Aureus Mint Cologne Obverse POSTVMVS PIVS AVG: Head of Postumus, laureate, sometimes radiate, right Reverse P M TR P VII COS III P P: Postumus, veiled, draped, standing left, sacrificing at altar and holding short sceptre; to left, Mercury, standing front, head right, holding purse and caduceus. RIC V Postumus 256 . Date AD 267 Denomination Aureus Mint Cologne Obverse POSTVMVS PIVS FELIX AVG.

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((509 - Postumus. Denarius (billon off-metal strike from an aureus die), Cologne, fall of 261. C. 399 (150 Fr.). Elmer 174 (Aureus). Schulte 11b (this coin). From the Hoffmann Collection, Rollin. Read Wikipedia in Modernized UI. Login with Gmail. Login with Faceboo Postumus byl zřejmě ve prospěch u soudu, a podle König, byl udělen čestný consulship. Od 259, Valerian vedl kampaň na východě proti Peršanům, zatímco jeho syn a co-císař Gallienus byl posedlý situaci na podunajské hranice. V důsledku toho Gallienus opustil jeho syna, Saloninus a vojenští velitelé, včetně Postumus, chránit Rýn. Uprostřed chaosu invazi do Alamanni a. Medal Coin, Postumus, Refrappe Aureus, Gold MS(63) Coins and Coin Collecting MA-Shops warranty with certified dealers Coins, medals and banknotes from ancient to modern

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